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Albatta Colchester
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Our restaurant type allows customers to enjoy a wide variety of Lebanese dishes. We have Main dishes like Shish Tawuk, Lamb Chops, and Kafta. These dishes are delightful and they are served alongside tasty accompaniments like salad, French fries or rice. Our signature dishes include Boneless Chicken and Sea Bass. If you fancy some soup, you will be served with the finest Lentil Soup or Chicken Soup. We have a vast experience in preparing flavourful soups that will leave you satisfied. As for our starters, we have items like Hummus, Labneh, and Beiruti among other items. The menu is indeed vast and full of magnificent dishes that everyone can try. Burgers that are loved all around the world are also included on our menu. We have Chicken Burger and Lamb Burger as the main items. Our restaurant type also offers customers various refreshment choices. Our Hot Drinks menu is a favourite for many and it includes Espresso, Cappuccino, and Americano among other kinds of drinks. The drinks menu, on the other hand, has all the common drinks like Mango Juice, Apple Juice and mineral water among other drinks. Come and enjoy salads, paninis, sandwiches, and many other dishes at our all-inclusive restaurant.

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Albatta is the place to be if you want to taste something unique and different. We have a great Lebanese takeaway menu that introduces our customers to excellent dish choices. We have some great exotic dishes that are simply special. Our menu includes different kinds of vegetable and meat dishes. The dishes that we serve are of the highest quality as we have invested our time to ensure that we give the best that we can. The food preparation process starts right from the market where we choose the ideal ingredients for the dishes. We only select the best for our customers. Every plate that you enjoy thus is guaranteed to be a masterpiece. Our restaurant is also committed to providing an enviable experience. We are aware that customers prefer to enjoy food in a place that reminds them of home. Through our diligent services, we have been able to provide customers with a homely and unique service over the time that we have been in business. Our aim is to continue being the leader when it comes to listening to customers. Albatta is just the right restaurant for families, friends and everyone else who loves a delectable dish.

Albatta Colchester restaurant

Feast on your favourite dish at the coziest place in the area today. You can find us at 18 Sir Isaacs Walk, Colchester, CO1 1JJ. Join us for a memorable Lebanese takeaway. We provide food delivery services to all customers within our reach in the city. Simply make a request for food delivery from mobile apps and you will receive your food in time. Our apps are available on both the App Store and Google Play. Our restaurant promises you fantastic dishes and excellent services. Order today for an experience like no other.